It’s Here – Burundi Takeover!

29 January 2018 Uncategorized

As part of our ongoing objective to give predominance and respect to the growers who produce our fantastic coffee, we are thrilled to launch a ‘board takeover’ of Burundi coffees in collaboration with our friends at North Star Roasters.  Holly of North Star recently spent a week in Burundi as an international judge of the Cup of Excellence competition – a prestigious and demanding measure of quality in speciality coffee which was started in Central America and in which Burundi is so far the only African participant.  Coffees which achieve the Cup of Excellence can go on to command high prices at auction.

Burundi is a small landlocked country bordered by Rwanda, DRC and Tanzania.  Known for being the source of the Nile, its fertile soil and high altitude make for great conditions for growing coffee.  Despite that, coffee from Burundi is less well known than that of its near neighbours and it is still a fairly new, and small volume producing country.

Whilst in Burundi Holly visited the Gahahe Cooperative and washing station in Kayanza in the north of Burundi, which processes the coffee from the approximately 599 cooperative members.  She decided to buy from this cooperative and it is this coffee that we are offering on our takeover.  Unusually, we have 3 coffees from the same cooperative at the same time, each showcasing a different coffee process.  On espresso we have 2 coffees, a washed (where all pulp and cherry are removed from the bean before washing to give a clean, bright taste) and a natural process (where the fruit is left on the bean to allow it to absorb rich fruit notes), whilst on slow brew we have a honey processed coffee (this is somewhere between a washed and a natural).  All the coffees are of the bourbon varietal, so you will be able to compare and see the difference that the different processes carried out at source make to the flavour profiles of the coffees.

You buy these great coffees to make at home.  Don’t miss out on this great coffee and a great story, as well as the opportunity to support smallholder farmers from this small emerging coffee producing country.

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