We work in partnership with a small number of the best roasters around to bring you a changing programme of single origin coffee. The coffees are all roasted to order in small batches, and we always grind to order so your coffee is fresh and full of complex flavour. Changing the coffee on a regular basis gives us the opportunity to bring you some fantastic coffees from different origins, great producers and talented roasters. We offer single origin coffees, from single estates where farmers are working with different varietals and processes, or from cooperatives representing smallholder growers.  We have a really exciting time following the harvest seasons and choosing the best of the crop. We always run two different coffees at a time each on espresso and filter, and provide contrasting flavour profiles to showcase the wide variety of complex flavours that single origin coffees possess.

Our state-of-the-art La Marzocco Strada is specifically designed to get the best extraction from the beans and gives us complete control of the shots, so you get an excellent cup of coffee from a wide variety of beans.

We also always offer a single origin decaffeinated coffee, which we also grind fresh for every shot. We always choose a coffee that has been decaffeinated using one of the non-chemical processes.

For espresso and espresso based drinks our shots are produced on a naked or bottomless portafilter to a set brew recipe of a particular weight of dry coffee in, to a particular weight of extracted coffee over a set time.  This produces a perfect volume shot to which we add milk at the perfect texture and temperature.  Therefore there are no ‘single’ or ‘double’ shots as such.  You can then choose the volume of milk you want to add in order to balance out the flavours.  It’s your choice!  We think our menu is simple and easy to understand, but we are more than happy to chat about what is the right coffee for you!

As well as espresso based drinks, we also offer individually brewed coffees, prepared using a choice of brew methods outlined below. These methods produce a bright, clean cup with no bitterness. We usually offer different coffee options for the slow brew methods, and we can always advise which beans best suit which method. All these coffees are served in a glass carafe without milk so you can taste the bright complex flavours.


A finely brewed coffee that produces a clean, bright flavour.


A different brew method which uses air pressure to produce a clean, smooth coffee flavour.


The Chemex is manufactured in a single piece of glass and the coffee extracted through a folded paper filter, producing an extremely fine filtered coffee with no sediment or bitterness and pure coffee flavours.

Kalita Wave

This is a flat three holed bottom brewer, unlike the cone shapes of the V60 or Chemex, which means the coffee is in contact with the water in a different way.  It also uses filters with a ‘wave’ technology, which also change the way the brew extracts.

Brewed Coffee Recipes & Methods

One of the things we really love here at Bean & Bud is chatting to customers about how they make coffee at home, swapping tips and recipes.  We're often asked for advice about home brewing, so here are our recipes for the three most popular home brewing methods: Aeropress, V60 and Kalita Wave.

Your grind for slow brewed coffee is somewhere in between espresso and drip filter machine - think coarse sand consistency.  It's always best to brew your coffee on a good kitchen scale and use a timer so you can get the same extraction and results every time. Your water should be at 98 degrees.


2 paper filters (wet)
15g coffee
250g water

Place the Aeropress on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then 'tare' or 'zero' your scale.

Bloom:  Pour 50g water into the coffee, making sure all the coffee is wet.

Pour: At 20s, pour in 200g of water and stir to agitate all the coffee.

Extraction: At 1m extract the coffee by pushing the plunger down slowly and continuously.

Total extraction time: c1m30s.


1 filter paper, pre-wet2015-02-26 19.17.43-3
16g coffee
250g water

Place the V60 on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then 'tare' or 'zero' your scale.

Bloom: Pour 50g of water, making sure all your grounds are wet.

Pour: add 50g of water every 20s, using a circular motion and ensuring all the grounds are evenly wet.  Depending on which coffee you are using, you may have to add water more quickly to ensure that the grounds stay wet.  Repeat until you have poured 250g and allow all the water to filter through before removing the V60.

Total extraction time: c2m30s

Kalita Wave

Kalita filter paper, dry
17g coffee
250g water

Place the Kalita on your kitchen scale, add the dry coffee then 'tare' or 'zero' your scale.

Bloom: Pour 50g of water, making sure all your grounds are wet.

Pour: At 20s, add the remaining 200g water, pouring continuously in circular motion and leave to extract. Do not stir - the flat bed of the Kalita ensures even extraction.

Extraction: At 2m30s remove the Kalita to stop extraction.

As with all brew methods, make sure you use the freshest coffee available, weigh, measure and time your extractions for the best results time after time!  Different coffees from different origins and altitudes will behave differently so make small adjustments.  All adds to the fun!  And let us know how you get on.

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