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Milk & sugar? No thanks!

11 July 2016 Uncategorized

Why do the English put milk in their tea?  There are many myths and theories about this.  One theory is that in Victorian times, if one was using inferior quality china cups, putting cold milk in the cup before adding hot tea prevented the china from cracking!

Whatever the reason, it is certainly not to improve the flavour.  If you use good quality loose leaf tea and brew it properly, it produces a wonderful bright and complex brew which will only be masked and spoiled by adding milk.
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Bean Label Video

4 June 2016 Uncategorized

We were recently visited by new coffee platform Bean Label, who are putting together a website to help people find great coffee shops.  Liam and his videographer filmed some great pieces in our shop and held an informative and entertaining interview with Ruth, who spoke about our vision and emphasis on great coffee origins.

You can watch the video here http://www.beanlabel.com/coffeeshop/bean-bud/

Giving Back: Guardian Online Article

16 May 2016 Uncategorized

Ruth was interviewed for a guardian online article about entrepreneurs embracing social responsibility.  Click on the link to read the full article…


Great time at our tea workshop

29 April 2016 Uncategorized

We had a great time at our Tea Workshop on 28 April.  Ruth gave a brief introduction to the processes and properties of white, green, light oolong, dark oolong and black teas.
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Our Brew Recipes! (shhh!)

11 April 2016 Uncategorized

One of the things we really love here at Bean & Bud is chatting to customers about how they make coffee at home, swapping tips and recipes.  We’re often asked for advice about home brewing, so here are our recipes for the three most popular home brewing methods: Aeropress, V60 and Kalita Wave.
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Beans not Beanies!

19 February 2016 Uncategorized

Speciality coffee these days has become a bit of a fashionable concept, with more and more independent coffee shops opening every day in London and across the county, as well as worldwide.  But what should be the guiding philosophy behind the image of the speciality coffee shop?

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New Restaurant Popup Evening – book now!

5 February 2016 Uncategorized

Skosh is a new restaurant opening on Micklegate in York in the Spring.  Before the opening, owner Neil Bentinck is running 4 popup evenings.  We will be hosting one of these evenings and have collaborated with Neil on planning a great evening.
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All women producer coffee board!

29 January 2016 Uncategorized

If you’re a regular visitor to the shop or the website, you will know that we change our coffees every couple of weeks so that we can bring you the best coffee from great growers, origins and roasters. The stories and connections behind these coffees are important, and we are really pleased at the moment to have both coffees for our espresso based drinks from producer groups run by women.
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Our new coffee menu explained…

22 January 2016 Uncategorized

If you’ve visited us recently you might have noticed a small change to our coffee menu board! For milk based espresso drinks we have moved away from the traditional Italian system of ‘cappuccino’, ‘latte’ etc and onto a more contemporary approach.
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We Are Six!

12 January 2016 Uncategorized

Bean & Bud is 6!  We opened our doors 6 years ago on 13 January 2010 on a very snowy day and awaited our first customers.  Since then we have served some fantastic coffee to some great customers, won a few awards and competitions and made some great friends.  Here’s to the next six years!

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