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Bolivia Familia Mamani

26 February 2013 Uncategorized

 Another great new guest coffee from our friends at Grumpy Mule!

This is a small, family owned farm with involvement from all of the family. The coffee trees are shaded by citrus and other native trees. Most processing is done by the family (through to dry parchment) to enable them to benefit from higher prices for better quality.

The area around Caranavi town is the key coffee growing centre in Bolivia – very fertile soils, primarily organic production and small family owned farms. Traditional varietals like Typica and Caturra being used. The industry here is relatively small and under threat from coca production (a cash crop that fetches higher prices) but the high altitude helps make great coffee, assuming it can be shipped from this land locked country on time.

Producer: Mauricio Mamani & Family
Region: Caranavi, Yungas region
Altitude: 1500-1700m
Arabica: Caturra & Typica
Processing: Fully Washed & Sun-dried on Screens (hand pick fully ripe cherries, pulp, ferment in small tanks then dry on raised African beds/screens)
Production: Organic

Fruity as an espresso, smooth and sweet with a little milk, eg a Piccolo or Cortado!

Cup of Excellence – Award Winning Guest Coffee!

11 February 2013 Uncategorized

We are really bringing you a treat with our new guest coffee.  Rwanda Vunga, from roasters Small Batch Coffee, was awarded the coveted Cup of Excellence® in 2012.

The Cup of Excellence is an annual competition held in several countries to identify the highest quality of coffees produced. It is organised by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence and has been dubbed the ‘Oscars of the coffee world’. In the course of the competition each coffee is tested at least five times. Only those coffees that get high scores continuously move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the Cup of Excellence and sold via an internet auction to the highest bidder.

This lot is from the Vunga washing station in the Jomba Sector of Rwanda’s Western District. The area around Vunga is mountainous with steep slopes and rich fertile soil providing ideal conditions for coffee production. The washing station, which sits at just under 1,500 meters above sea level, is supplied by a natural water source from the nearby Volcanic Virunga National Park, home of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Farmers in this region mainly cultivate bananas, beans, maize and coffee on small farms which are approximately a quarter to half a hectare in size. The coffee is almost exclusively red bourbon, a factor that contributes considerably to the complex and sweet cup profile. The ripe red cherry is picked between February and June and is delivered to the washing station where it is depulped, fermented, washed and dried on raised beds in the sun. Careful hand sorting at this stage helps to guarantee consistently high quality.

Rich and buttery with great cherry and chocolate flavours.

Region: Nyabihu, Western District
Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1450-1720m
Processing: Washed

Birthday and another new guest Roaster!

30 January 2013 Uncategorized

Bean & Bud turned 3 in January! thanks to all our customers, suppliers and staff for your support in getting us to this milestone.

Our growing reputation is enabling us to continue to work with some great artisan roasters and to bring you lots of really exciting guest coffees.  Our current guest coffee is from another new roaster partner, Origin Coffee.  Brazil Fazenda Das Almas is a wonderfully complex cup, with caramelised sweetnes and dark chocolate enveloping toasted hazelnuts.  Fantastic as an espresso and great with milk in a Piccolo or Flat White.

Origin Coffee work directly and closely with their coffee producer partners to ensure that social, environmental and ethical standards as well as quality standards are maintained.  Fazenda Das Almas is located in the district of Capo Verde an area containing many coffee producers. Translated as “of the soul”, Das Almas is located at the highest point in the region at an altitude of 1050masl.  The farm has a dedicated commitment to the production of coffee that is both socially and environmentally sustainable.

We think this coffee is going to be a new favourite!

Coffee:  Fazenda Das Almas
Processing: Pulped Natural process
Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon
Owner: Virgulino Muniz
Region: Minas Gerais

It’s here! Ethiopia Nekisse

18 January 2013 Uncategorized

Our new guest coffee is a little bit special…

Producers Ninety Plus and roasters Grumpy Mule presented Ethiopia Nekisse to rave reviews at the London Coffee Festival in 2012, and coffee shops have been eagerly awaiting it ever since.

The coffee is produced from mixed heirloom arabica beans, and the whole cherry sun-dried on raised beds.  This produces a coffee that is wonderfully complex, with a full but clean mouthfeel and notes of strawberry and even sherry!

Due to its complexity we suggest you try this coffee as a split shot.  Customers already love it!

Great New Guest Coffee, another new roaster!

8 January 2013 Uncategorized

We are trying out another new roaster for our Guest Coffee, Union Hand Roasted.  And what a great coffee we’ve got to start the relationship!  Finca Granja La Esperanza from Colombia is bursting with tropical fruit flavours, with passion fruit and canteloupe sparkling on the tongue.  A really fruity number that you can enjoy as an espresso or pourover.

The coffee comes from a farm owned by the Herrera family, who have been farming coffee in Colombia for 40 years.  The owners of Union have visited the farm and established direct relationships with the growers.

Process: Washed and sun-dried
Cultivar: Geisha
Altitude: 1450m
Light roast with medium acidity.

New Year – New Arrival!

2 January 2013 Uncategorized

First, a Happy New Year to all our customers! We are very excited about what this year will bring. We are starting the new year (and celebrating 3 years’ trading!) with a fantastic new addition to our business. The La Marzocco Strada is a leading-edge, state of the art coffee machine that will allow us to perfect our extractions and bring you an even better cup of coffee! Described as the Ferrari of coffee machines (it is hand-built in Florence!) it boasts pressure profiling with precise computer control. And it’s shiny! So we will be able to bring out the full and complex flavours of our wonderful bespoke house coffee and our continuing changing programme of exciting single origin guest coffees. And wow, we have some fantastic guest coffees coming up for you in the next few weeks!

So Happy New Year, see you soon and thanks for all your support.

Guest Coffee: Finca Muxbal (Mexico)

10 December 2012 Uncategorized

We have a really gorgeous new guest coffee from the folks at Volcano Coffee Works.  Mexico Finca Muxbal is from a family farm in Chiapas and produces a wonderful lively cup that manages to be really fruity without sour acidity.

Finca Muxbal (the name means ‘place surrounded by clouds’ in the local dialect) is managed by mother and son team Maeggi Rodriguez and Jorge Gallardo.  The farm was purchased in 1959 by Maeggi’s father, Don Enrique, who introduced three principles that remain important today: social responsibility, environmental sustainability and the production of very high quality coffee.

The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified and received 100% in recent audits – the first farm in Mexico to receive such perfection.  There is housing for permanent and temporary staff, a spotlessly clean canteen which serves three nutritious meals a day.  There is also a well-equipped school, which is open throughout the harvest for the children of the coffee pickers.  Great emphasis is placed on all of the social needs of the people who work the land at Muxbal.

Altitude: 1600m
Location: Chiapas, Southern Mexico
Process: Wet processed, patio dried/machine dried
Varietal: Caturra, catuai, mundo novo & pacamara

The coffee produces a wonderfully complex cup, fruity as an espresso with a little more earthiness in milk.  Wonderful!  Shown here as a double piccolo (4oz).

Barista wanted – apply here!

24 November 2012 Uncategorized

We are looking for an experienced barista to work with us here at Bean & Bud.  No minimum experience required in terms of time but we do need someone who can make great drinks, under pressure, check all grinds, extractions etc.  Above all we want someone who is passionate about coffee!  Apply by email to rhampson@hotmail.co.uk or drop your cv into the shop.

A new guest coffee to kick off the winter harvest season…

20 November 2012 Uncategorized

Our new guest coffee is a really lovely Brazil, Fazenda Rodomunho, from our friends at Small Batch Coffee in Hove.  Gorgeously rich, with notes of chocolate and toffee, with some jammy plum notes.  This is going to be a real favourite!

Region: Minas Gerais
Altitude: 900-1050m
Processing: Pulped Natural

Our Bespoke Blend – you love it!

14 November 2012 Uncategorized

We have had our Bean & Bud Blend for two months now, and you love it!  We are really pleased with it and love having a bespoke blend.  Developed in collaboration with Limini Coffee, who blend and roast the coffee for us, it has wonderful complex flavours of dark chocolate and red fruit.

Bean & Bud Espresso is a blend of Costa Rica Tarrazu, a washed Typica bean, and Guatemala estate coffee from St Nicolas in Antigua.  This is also a washed coffee, fermented for a long period to bring out more acidity and with a mixture of Typica, Catuai, Caturra and Pacamara varietals.

Lovely and clean as an espresso, or slightly sweeter but still with bags of fruit in a Piccolo or Flat White.

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