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All Change – 2 new coffees!

7 May 2013 Uncategorized

Our new changing coffee programme is in full swing, and today we have changed both our espresso blend and our single origin.  The new espresso blend is the lovely Spring Blend from our old friends at Volcano Coffee Works.  Citrus blossom on the nose, with lemon zest and ripe citrus fruit, all grounded in a buttery malt base.  A wonderful combination!

Our single origin offering at the moment is a glorious Konga 1 Yirgacheffe from Extract Coffee Roasters.  Yirgacheffes always surprise and divide, and this one is no exception!  With the distinctive Yirgacheffe aroma and with a wonderfully smooth body with dried fruit notes.

Your only problem is which to choose!

May Day Bank Holiday

3 May 2013 Uncategorized

We will be closed on Monday 6 May, Bank Holiday.  Reopening on Tuesday with new guest espresso blend and single origin coffees which we are pretty sure you will love!  Watch this space…


London Coffee Festival

23 April 2013 Uncategorized

This year’s London Coffee Festival is being held from 25-28 April.  The Festival is the flagship event of UK Coffee Week, and the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event.

We will be attending on Sunday, catching up with lots of our roaster partners and cheering on the finalists in the UK Barista Championships!  Hopefully we will come back with lots of ideas and even more passion to make you the very best cup of coffee we can!

As we want to fit in the whole day on Sunday, we will be closed on Monday 29th April to travel back from London.  See you on Tuesday, exhausted but raring to go!

Guest Single Origin coffee – El Salvador

15 April 2013 Uncategorized

We have another wonderful new guest coffee!  Finca La Fany is a gorgeously fruity, fully washed red bourbon from the Ilamatepec Mountains in El Salvador.

Roasted by the excellent Caravan Coffee Roasters at their fabulous coffee shop, roastery and restaurant in Exmouth Market, London, this is a wonderfully complex cup.  Sweet honey and caramel notes mingle with orange zest and a creamy mouthfeel.

Available as espresso or pourover. We always recommend a drink with a good coffee to milk balance, eg a flat white or piccolo. Or try a split shot: an espresso and a piccolo side by side so you can try the coffee with and without milk.

Exciting new Guest Epsresso Blend and new Roaster partner!

9 April 2013 Uncategorized

In our quest to bring you the very best coffee from the best artisan roasters around the country, we have struck coffee gold!  Dr Strangelove is a fantastic espresso blend from respected roasters Extract Coffee, based in Bristol.

Dr Strangelove is a 50/50 blend of two great coffees.  One of our firm favourites as a single origin, Fazenda Rodomunho is a pulped natural grown by the Carvalho Dias and Ottoni families in the Alto Paranaíba part of Minas Gerais’ Cerrado region, Brazil.  Finca San Francisco is fully washed and sun-dried by Eduardo Rodriguez Escoto of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.  Roasted with care and brilliance by Extract’s roaster whilst wearing the trademark glasses! (hence the name, which we love!)

Dr Strangelove is already proving really popular with our customers.  As it tastes so differently as an espresso or in milk, we really recommend a Split Shot so you get the best of both worlds.

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!”

Gorgeous New Teas!

17 March 2013 Uncategorized

We have three gorgeous new teas for you to try!

Big Red Robe: A gorgeous oolong with a rich ruby colour, Big Red Robe has a complex character.  It’s sweet and chocolatey, mixed with hints of roasted nuts. It has the warmth of a slow burning charcoal fire and offers the comfort of a woolly jumper. According to Chinese Medicine, this ancient tea strengthens and aids digestion.

Phoenix Honey Orchid: A seductive shade of orange blossom, this gorgeous oolong from the Phoenix Mountain in China’s Guangdong Province is one of the most complex in taste: orange, vanilla and honey. Sublime.

Organic Bohea Lapsang: The difference between Bohea and commercial Lapsang is enormous, perhaps similar to the distinction between mass-produced whiskies and slowly made properly aged, artisan malts. Drying the leaves slowly over barkless pine wood fires gives Wuyi Bohea soft, lingering smokiness, making it an incredibly smooth cup.

Which will you try first?


Cup of Excellence Exclusive!

15 March 2013 Uncategorized

We are really pleased to be able to bring you another very special Cup of Excellence coffee.  In the case of Burundi Kibungere we are actually the first coffee shop in the country to serve it!  The coffee is from the Kibungere washing station in central Burundi, which works with four smallholder groups based around Nyibihanga.  This is a Bourbon Arabica, fully washed and sun-dried on screens to produce gorgeous flavours of raisins, spiced cloves and cranberry.  From our friends at Grumpy Mule, who roast to order in very small batches on their Loring SmartRoaster.  Damian from Grumpy Mule was actually involved in judging the Burundi Cup of Excellence Award in 2012, so this is a really special coffee with lots of personal connections.

Producer: Kibungere Washing Station
Region: Nyabihanga, Mwaro
Altitude: 1658m
Arabica: Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed & Sun-dried on Screens
Awards: Cup of Excellence, Lot 16

All Change! New Coffee Programme

14 March 2013 Uncategorized

Over the past year or so we’ve really enjoyed bringing you a great selection of changing guest coffees.  It’s been great fun; all our customers have really enjoyed trying the coffees from different continents, producers and roasters.  Now we’re extending this by moving from having a ‘house’ and a ‘guest’ coffee to a programme of changing both coffees.  In future we will still offer a choice of two coffees: an espresso blend and a single origin.  We will try to balance the two coffees so that we have a contrast between flavours, usually the blend will have a little more body and flavours of chocolate, nuts and caramel, whilst the single origins will have top notes of fruit with a little more acidity.  Of course there will be a little more complexity than this in the coffees we choose!  All the coffees will be directly sourced, batch roasted and ground to order.  We will also continue to offer decaffeinated coffee, processed without the use of chemicals, here again we will change the coffee from time to time so decaff drinkers can also have a change!

We are very excited about this change and hope all our customers will be too!

We will also recommend which coffees will be more suitable for different drinks, eg flat white, piccolo or even pourover!  As always, we recommend a shorter coffee for more balance.

Which will you choose?

We’re not just about the best coffee in town…

5 March 2013 Uncategorized

As well as being really passionate about our coffee, we also have the best selection of teas in town.  We have over 20 fine loose leaf teas including black, green, white, oolong, puerh and flowering display tea.  All our teas are sourced through experts who themselves work directly with the growers.  We have checked to ensure that the teas are ethically and responsibly farmed without harmful pesticides.

Why not work your way through our menu, or ask for a recommendation to suit your taste.  We will be changing a few of the teas on the menu at Easter to keep things fresh and interesting, but we will always bring you the best quality and something a little different.

Raul Del Aguila

27 February 2013 Uncategorized

On 13 February Raúl del Aguila of COCLA, one of Peru’s largest coffee cooperatives, passed away whilst attending a trade fair in Germany.   As well as being General Manager of COCLA and representing its 7000+ small coffee producers, Raúl also served on the Boards of Cafédirect, and the Coordinator of Fairtrade Latin America and the Caribbean (CLAC).  Raúl was a leading figure in the Fairtrade movement and always spoke with knowledge and passion about the issues at hand.

However, for me he was a personal friend and inspiration.  I worked closely with Raúl on the Board of Cafédirect for six years and during that time as well as being inspired by his passion and commitment I found Raúl to be a warm, generous and humorous man.  We would quite often sit together at dinner and chat, and I never regretted more that my Spanish was not a little better.

Raúl was a great influence in the setting up of Bean & Bud, whilst we wanted to focus on quality, we also really wanted to source all our products as ethically as possible.  In coffee terms, that includes working with roasters who themselves work directly with producers and pay a fair price whilst also developing personal relationships based on quality products and adding value at source.

There is a link below to a tribute page to Raúl which will in time be printed out and sent to his family and colleagues.


Descansa en Paz, Amigo Raúl.

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