Exciting new Roaster Relationship: The Barn, Berlin

As a true independent we love to work with some of the best roasters around, and to build real relationships with the roasters so that we find out the best beans, how to get the best from each coffee etc.  We are really excited therefore to be working with one of the most highly respected roasters around.  The Barn in Berlin take passion for coffee to a new level.  As well as paying Logo_kassensystemfarmers top prices for their coffee and creating real connections with the growers, they treat the farms like vineyards, working with farmers to bring out the very best qualities of each coffee.  Coffees are not blended but remain as traceable single origins.  The coffee is then roasted with great care and attention, either for espresso or filter.  Here at Bean & Bud we always order coffee from roasters who roast to order, so the coffee is fresh.  We then rest for 7-10 days to allow the coffee to de-gas and to develop the optimum flavour.  The coffee is then prepared with equal care and passion in the shop: espresso on our La Marzocco Strada, or filter coffee on Chemex, V60 or Aeropress.

For our first two coffees from this great roaster we have two wonderful Africans.  On espresso from next week we will have the gorgeous Hunkute from the Sidamo region in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.  This coffee from mixed heirloom varietals is washed and then dried on raised beds.  It produces rich notes of honeysuckle and nectarine.  On slow brew we have the wonderful and complex Kenya Githiga.  On filter it shows the typical blackcurrant notes of Kenyan coffees but with a silky mouthfeel and hints of vanilla.


We hope this will be the great start of a relationship with another great roaster, and that we will be able to continue to bring you an even greater range of fantastic coffees that are sourced directly, ethically and with a view to the very best quality.

New look – same great coffee!

We took a few days off(!) to make a couple of changes to the shop and also have a couple of days R&R.  Everyone seems to have missed us, which is good to know!

We’ve reopened with a slightly updated look.  We’ve replaced our counter top with a gorgeous piece of sawn oak and opened up the counter space for a more open and inviting look.  We think it looks great!  Also in honour of Le Grand Depart we’ve installed another great print from Sheffield artist Pete McKee (our fifth!) purchased from our friends at Redhouse Originals, Harrogate’s own contemporary and modern art gallery.  Everyone loves our new bright look.PhotoGrid_1405531643099

One thing that won’t be changing is our commitment to bringing you the very best coffee from the best growers and roasters around.  In the next few weeks we have some really exciting coffees coming up, including working with some fantastic new roaster partners.  So watch this space!



gone fishin’

Wow, so much excitement for the Tour de France, well done Yorkshire.  Such a party atmosphere and stunning views, even the sun shining for the occasion.  Absolute stunner.

We are taking a few days off for a small refit and a bit of (we hope you agree) deserved R&R.  We’ll be open again on Wednesday 16th July.  We’ve already got some great coffee lined up for you for the next few weeks!  So see you then for a great summer of coffee…

Great coffee, great connections…

We are all getting pretty excited about the Tour de France Stage I “Le Grand Depart” taking place right here in Harrogate on Saturday and Sunday.  The town is looking festive in yellow, green and polka dot bunting and sightings of Mark Cavendish already reported!

We are excited to offer a limited edition espresso blend which has been specially produced to celebrate Le Grand Depart in Yorkshire.  “King of the Mountains” espresso blend has been crafted by roasters Grumpy Mule using two Fairtrade coffees from high up on the slopes of Mount Elgon.  The coffee comes from two cooperatives, Gumutindo in Uganda and Sopacdi in DR Congo.  This brings up a great connection from the past – during Ruth’s time at Cafedirect she worked with Gumutindo and its general manager, Willington Wamayeye.  It’s really great to be able to offer a coffee from an old friend and to be able to produce a really beautiful drink from their beans.  We are hoping to be able to send Willington some photos of the coffee as split shots and flat whites so he can see what can be done with the coffee grown by these great cooperatives.

We will only have King of the Mountains for a very limited time, so don’t miss out!

IMAG0330 IMAG0334


Great coffee, great stories…

We are happy to be bringing you some really exceptional coffee this week, from the coffee experts at Caravan Roastery.

First up, the new season crop of one of our all time favourites, Ethiopia Dumerso Yirgacheffe.  Produced by over 700 small family run farms situated between the two towns of Dila and Yirgacheffe, this is a fully washed and sun dried coffee from high grown heirloom varietals.  Expect intense floral aromas, and fragrant, light body with apricot sweetness, and delicate hints of bergamot and jasmine.

Alongside the Dumerso we will be offering two very special coffees in short succession.  Two tiny microlot coffees from family farms in the Nicaragua region of Cordillera Diplito, sourced by Caravan from our friends at Falcon Speciality Coffee.  Finca La Cascada is owned by Luis Alberto Peralta.  His farm has perfect growing conditions, with natural streams and good rainfall.  This 3 sack microlot is a natural processed coffee with a bright acidity with notes of sweet soft fruits and pineapple acidity.

Nicaragua Las Minas is a tiny 1 sack microlot from the Las Minas plot on Finca La Samaria, owned by Octavio Peralta, who also grows banana and inga trees which provide lots of natural shade.  This is a honey processed coffee which produces gorgeous juicy tropical fruit sweetness with ripe peach and mango notes and a complex bubblegum finish.caravan coffee

These Nicaragua microlots will not be around for long, so don’t miss out.  It’s really our pleasure to be able to bring you such special coffees from around the world, and give you the opportunity to try them.