Seasons Greetings

As Christmas and the New Year approach, a very sincere thank you to all our great customers and wonderful staff for a great 2014.  It has been a brilliant year for us, including adding to our team of great baristas who work with passion, dedication and attention to detail.  This has been reflected in our success in the Beverage Standards Awards, where we won 2 national awards as well as 5-Cup (Outstanding) Accreditation.2014-11-15-10.33.33-1.jpg

2015 looks set to continue in this exciting vein, with our 5th Birthday celebrations happening in January, so do look out for lots of information and coverage of our celebration.

Have a wonderful festive season and we look forward to seeing everyone over the festive period and in the new year.  Our opening times are on this page.

From The Bean & Bud Crew!

And the Award goes to… Bean & Bud!

We had a lovely time at the Beverage Standards Association Awards evening at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on Monday evening 10 November.  It was great to meet some old and some new friends, talk shop as much as we wanted and have a great get together with like minded people.

Best_Tea_Bean_Bud_Ruth_Hampson_and_GMitchell_Rigway(10Nov14)Of course, the real business of the evening was to present this year’s Beverage Standards Awards.  We were very proud to have been shortlisted in 3 categories: Best Tea in the UK, Best in Raising Standards in the UK and Best Cappuccino in the UK.  We were absolutely thrilled and surprised when our name was called out as the winner of Best Tea in the UK!  We had hardly time to gather ourselves after being presented with this award when the Best in Raising Standards award was announced.  Imagine our excitement to be named winner of this award too!  Absolutely thrilled and so proud.

We were also presented with accreditation as a 5-Cup (Outstanding) winner, one of only 7 businesses in the UK to receive the highest accreditation, which makes the shop a destination for visitors.  This is an important award to receive as it takes into account all aspects of the environment and customer experience of the shop, as well as the quality of the drinks served. This award is a credit to our whole team at Bean & Bud who work with pride and passion to deliver excellent service to all our customers.

_GMF1445_DxOThe tea we were assessed on was Huo Shan Yellow Buds from Jing Tea.  The assessors were also impressed by the range and quality of our teas, and the care we take over brewing the tea, weighing out every dose and paying attention to temperature and infusion.  Since the visit we have introduced the addition of an attractive carafe when serving our teas, so that they can be decanted to prevent over-infusing.

_GMF1355_DxOThe award for Raising Standards is awarded to a business that has invested time and effort into delivering exceptional standards across the board.  Again, we were very proud to receive this recognition for the hard work and passion that goes into our business.

We are thrilled with these awards, but will not be resting on our laurels; we will continue to deliver exceptional quality and service to all our customers.

Care & Consistency: the weigh we do it!

It’s really important to us that each and every cup of coffee or tea we send out achieves the highest levels of quality.  There are several ways to ensure this, of course the first step is that we use the very best beans and leaves to start with!  However, to ensure consistency across every drink we use precision in the form of weighing all the shots, pots and brews that we pour.

2014-11-15 10.53.28-1For espresso shots, we weigh the ground coffee for every shot.  Humidity, use and other factors can affect the grinders.  On a busy Saturday in summer, the burrs can get hot and although the grinders we use dose by time, this can cause inconsistency due to static or heat.  So we weigh the ground coffee coming out of the grinder for every shot.  For a double shot of coffee we use 20g dry ground coffee and we aim for our wet dose to be between 36g to 38g.  We always watch the shot as well as timing it so that we can see when it has reached its optimum extraction and if necessary can be stopped before over-extraction occurs.

For the slow brew coffee methods Chemex, Aeropress and V60 we also weigh the dry coffee going in and we pour the slow brews on a precision weighing scale so that we can also ensure the exact weight of the final brew.  For Chemex and V60 we use a dry dose of 18g and a final brewed weight of 250g, served in a small carafe.  As Aeropress is a slightly more full bodied brew, we use 19g.  When pouring the slow brew methods we also use a timer to ensure again that the extraction, dose and grind are all correct.

And it doesn’t stop with coffee!  Because we use only loose leaf, large leaf teas we also weigh out the dose for our teas.  Different tea leaves can be different sizes, so it is not always possible to tell the correct dose of tea by, for example, using a teaspoon, as different volumes do not always correspond to the correct weight of tea.  So we weigh our dry tea leaves and again pour the tea on the scale to ensure the correct amount of hot water.

This is the care we take over every drink, and we hope it shows in the end result.




We’ve had some fantastic coffees in the past few weeks, and have some really great ones lined up for the autumn!  One of the best things about our job is working with great roasters, following the harvests and seeing which coffees are available and bringing our customers a varied changing coffee programme.

coffee drying in Kenya, photo taken by Ruth

coffee drying in Kenya, photo taken by Ruth

But of course, great coffee is about much more than great baristas or great roasters.  Great coffee starts with the growers.  Having worked directly with coffee growers for a number of years, it’s important to me that we remember where great coffee starts, with those who grow it and the care they take over their crops.  There are so many fantastic varietals, old and new, and more and more innovative processes before the beans even reach the roaster.  It’s great to think that barista, roaster and grower are each taking the best care over the production of the very best drink possible from this tiny but important bean!  The current movement in direct trade and speciality importers and roasters working directly with growers to improve quality and develop these processes is also inspiring.

As baristas at Bean & Bud we are passionate about the way we prepare and produce each and every drink we make.  We owe it to our customers and also to those who grew the coffee trees!

Heroes not required…

Our good friend Andy Dennis gave an inspiring talk last week on his work with Doctors Without Borders.  Although the sub heading was ‘heroes not required’, I think all those who attended the talk might disagree and feel that those working for MSF under such stressful conditions are the true heroes in this world.  If you missed Andy’s talk it was videoed on the night, so you can catch it here and donate if you can: your chance to make a real difference: Andy Dennis talk re Medecins Sans Frontieres